Chaos Reigns in This Classroom

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Given the availability of mobiles, landlines are slowly being a thing of the past. But for those unwilling to transport their “hand extensions” everywhere they go so as to not miss a call, need go and visit the brand new liGo. Connect liGo in your mobile via Bluetooth technology and plug-in your landline. Now you can answer around 3 different mobiles via your home phone (corded or cordless) and make usage of dialling out with those a huge number of unspent inclusive mobile minutes everywhere in the home. Impressive, right? Especially ideal for people whose mobile carrier signal suffers severe paralysis anywhere with the exception of one of the most cumbersome of places. It’s fully iPhone Voice Dial and Siri compatible too. What more could you request?

Nonverbal cues or gestures is also something a tutor should master. When a student is talking rather loudly, look at him within the eye to indicate which he should stop. When he does not view you, casually move towards his chair and touch his forearm or to get his attention. If they entire class is becoming noisy, stop talking in the front and after that pause for awhile until everyone notices and calms down.

Where will be the moments going? How shall we be using this now moment, the one which will never come again?
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Where is some time and space for communicating and interacting, loving and holding our hearts and souls near one other? Are these products our souls so must be rich and connected being wear reserve?

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